Thursday, January 7, 2010

Almost a Victory

I have lagged behind on posting here for a few days. I got some mileage in and even got the Nike+ to work although it is not really accurate. It is a nice gauge for showing distance and since it tends to be short on distance is a great coach in that you will actually run farther in order to get to your distance goals if you strictly follow the Nike+. I put in a run of three (3) miles on my measured course, but the Nike+ didn't start working when I started it. It was tracking time, but not pace and distance, so I missed the first .96 miles of that run. Three miles that day even though the gauge read 2.04 in the end.

I got a membership to the gym for Christmas and made my premier appearance there after work on Tuesday. I got in some weight training and then a calibration run. I only ran 1.36 miles there. It was the first time I have run on a treadmill. It is a bit odd to be running on a treadmill. I definitely enjoy running outdoors better even in the rain.

My marathon training program had me scheduled to run 8 miles yesterday and I had preparred myself for an eight mile outdoor trek down to the marsh and back. Then it had to go and dump snow and freezing rain on us. I don't have spiked shoes and wasn't up to doing an eight mile run in my mountaineering boots and running crampons so I got to work extra on the house and stay indoors.

miles to Davie.Today I got a three mile run in at the gym. The Nike+ only registered it as 2.8 miles. 4950.74With 14.26 miles behind me so far I have just come down the Eagle River hill and crossed Eagle River on AK-1 North. I'm still within the Municipality of Anchorage, but and making my way North.

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