Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad Run

Today was the first bad run I have had. I left the house expecting to do just a short run, perhaps a mile and return to get on with the day. I left the house and headed into what seemed a dreadfully fridged morning. No matter what I did I could not get warm. I pushed my pace thinking I could outrun the chill but only pushed my breath farther from my lungs. I ended up taking a bit longer run than I anticipated as I swung into one of my favorite parks and ran an old stand-by course for when I only want to run a short distance and ran to the pole and back.

Only today it seemed to be an eternity from home, I made it to the pole after an brief encounter with a moose and ran the bell and started the return trip only to find the road stretching farther and farther out in front of me and the desire to stop or walk rearing its ugly head vehemently.

I refused to give in to the urge to quit, but it took all I had and the temperature just seemed to falling farther and farther. I got home and the thermometer read eight degrees, so I am not sure why it seemed so cold.

I have decided to just except the distance the Nike+ gives me as it will take too much work to keep verifying the actual distance I run. Today I ran 2.10 miles, of sheer torture. Tomorrow will be better I am sure, it will be in the gym, I need to bring my running shoes though as my court shoes tear up my feet after two miles.

My total so far is 23.28 miles for the year, which puts me 4941.72 miles from Davie, FL. and just short of the North Peters Creek exit on AK-1 North.

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