Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Recorded Run

I took a quick run to Lowe's for supplies for the remodel project this morning. I needed some spackle and popcorn texture and needed to get in a run as well so I grabbed my gear and headed out the door into the 0 degree morning just after a great moonset and sunrise. The Nike+ worked sort of in that it recorded my run this time (there is a first time for everything I guess). It didn't record the distance properly though as it said I ran 1.91 miles when the actual distance was 2.8 miles. I will have to get the device to give accurate readings or find a better way to track my mileage.

As I have said before, my old device worked great and this new one is rather finicky. 4957.9 miles from Davie, FL. In the grand scheme of things I am just now leaving Anchorage headed toward Eagle River, AK on AK-1 North. I have just passed Centennial Campground which is the only campground inside the city of Anchorage.

Bon voyage Anchorage I am headed for warmer climates.


  1. I look forward to following your trek/adventure :-)
    Too bad I can't virtually use all that excercise for myself...bummer.

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  3. Don't forget the ham, beaver mustard, several loafs of bread, several bags of chocolate covered coffee beans a couple of bottles of T.Q Hot. Oh! and you might want to recruit one bum to keep you company on those cold winter nights through the Yukon. Just remember to keep your sleeping bag zipped up to your chin. In addition DO NOT forget to throw in some antacid as well..:)

    Best wishes,