Saturday, January 2, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I got up this morning and greeted the New Year with coffee and breakfast then took a drive to check distance for a run and after measuring off a 3 mile course I returned to the house to grab my running gear and head into the cold overcast day. I ran the 3 mile course in 33'31" but when I went to stop my Nike+ and see if it calibrated all it gave me was the time on the run and it recorded no distance at all. I checked online for assistance with the new iPhone application and the new Nike site is not helpful that way at all. Tomorrow will hopefully bring a successful time with my tracking device. 4960.7 miles to go. In looking at the maps on Google, The Teriayki Box is apparently the heart of Anchorage. It is a tasty spot to eat. I think they should take advantage of this phenomenon and market themselves as the heart of town.

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